Screenshot of the SymblePay app

We safeguard your money when you buy and sell

Symblepay is payment, escrow and delivery in one simple flow. We protect you, when you buy and sell.

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Screenshot of the SymblePay app

How it works

  1. Transaction requestTransaction request
  2. Pay in
  3. Delivery
  4. Payout

Buyer transfers the amount into Symblepay’s secure escrow account.

Our mission: Dual protection

Our mission is to make peer-to-peer transactions simple and safe. To enable this we have created a dual protection payment solution, which safeguards both the buyer and the seller. Buyer can comfortably pay in knowing that payout only happens upon delivery and seller’s acceptance of the item. Seller can safely ship the item knowing that payout only happens upon delivery. If buyer rejects the item, the amount cannot be reclaimed until the item is returned.

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