Fees and prices

Here you can view our fee and price structure.

Fees as a Seller.

Payment fee: DKK1,50
Security fee: 1,5%

Fees as a buyer.

Payment fee: DKK2,75 Security fee: 1,95%

Please Notice!

  • Sellers payment and security fee is deducted from the amount they receive when paying out a succesful transaction.
  • Buyers payment and security fee is added to the transactionamount when making a payment to the escrow account.
  • Buyer will only be deducted the payment fee for transactions where payment to escrow account has been made, but where Seller has failed to ship the goods and the transactions is subsequently canceled.

By using Symblepay it is possible to purchase shipping directly in the App - This is recommended to allow us to track the shipment via. track&trace during the transaction and activate the payout flow in our App.

Shipping prices.

DAO Home delivery from: DKK49

DAO Package shop from: DKK49

GLS Home delivery from: DKK75

GLS Package shop from: DKK52